McKinney, TX – February 7, 2023 – As the flagship Segway Powersports offering, the highly anticipated 72” Villain SX10 WX will be on display at the AIMExpo for the very first time featuring the newly introduced Atturo Trail Blade X/T SXS Tires. A highly anticipated addition to the Segway lineup, the Villain is now available in two width options: 64 inches and 72 inches across three different model options.


The three different models include the 72-inch Villain SX10 WX as well as the 64-inch Villain SX10 X and Villain SX10 E. The range of models is available in up to four different color options, including the Segway signature Tensive Red, Dream Green, Innovative Gray, and Bold Black. The Segway Villain SX10 WX in Dream Green will be showcased in Atturo Tires booth #4099 at the 2023 AIMExpo on Feb 15th-17th in Las Vegas, NV.


“We are thrilled to be partnering with such an established company like Segway to showcase the new and exciting products we are each bringing to the market,” said Michael Mathis, President, Atturo Tire Corp. Atturo Tire is an established private tire brand that has focused on the SUV, Light Truck, and Muscle Car Segments of the market for over a decade. This past November, they officially announced their entry into the Powersports segment with two new tire models specifically for UTVs and Side-by-Sides. The Trail Blade BOSS SXS and Trail Blade X/T SXS are born from the same DNA and built to the same quality standards as their LT counterparts, featuring 8PR Steel Belted Construction, Integrated Rim Protection, and Race-Inspired Designs, all backed by their Industry First and Leading Trail Hazard™ Protection.


Atturo didn’t stop when it came to making stylishly aggressive tires for the Powersports industry. They also disrupted the industry by launching their Industry First and Exclusive Trail Hazard™ Program. The Atturo Trail Hazard™ program will cover all Trail Blade SXS tires anywhere a consumer may go in their UTV or Side-By-Side. Atturo provides this protection at no additional charge to the consumer with every new Atturo Trail Blade SXS tire. Coverage applies to any surface – pavement, rocks, trails, sand, and open fields. Learn more at