Segway Villain Inventory Sells Out, Pre-Orders Now Open.

McKinney, TX – December 29, 2022 – After opening pre-orders for the Villain sport side-by-side in October, Segway Powersports announced that by the end of November, all its available inventory had been accounted for.

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Segway Villain Now Available for Retail in the U.S. Market

McKinney, TX – December 15, 2022 – As the flagship Segway Powersports offering, the highly anticipated Villain sport model will now be available for retail in the U.S. Market for the very first time. The Villain sport side-by-side will be available in two width options of 72-inches and 64-inches across three different model options.

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Segway Powersports Releases 2023 Villain Sports Side-by-Sides, Updated Fugleman UTVs

McKinney, TX – November 22, 2022 – Today, Segway Powersports Inc. announced its 2023 utility and sport side-by-side lineup, including updates to the Fugleman UT10 platform and the introduction of the Villain sport side-by-side - a highly anticipated addition to the Segway lineup, featuring two width options to choose from, 64-inches and 72-inches, across 3 different model options.

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First Ride: Segway Villain

We were finally able to try the preproduction Segway 72-inch Villain sport UTV. There are a few things that will be upgraded on the production model, but we were pleasantly surprised at the performance of the car. It was a brief ride, but we thought the suspension worked well for the variety of terrain we hit including some rock crawling features we did laps on.

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How Apps Are Enhancing The Powersports Experience

“There’s an app for that.” You’ve probably heard this phrase before, because it’s true. Consumers are always looking for a way to make their lives easier and will recommend their favorite apps to their friends to address certain life problems. No matter what industry you’re in, there’s always a problem to be solved, and usually an app to fix it

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Segway Powersports and Sun Sports Cycle & Watercraft, Inc. Deliver UTVs to Aid Hurricane Ian Recovery Efforts

McKinney, TX – October 18, 2022 – the wake of Hurricane Ian, Segway Powersports, a growing manufacturer in the powersports industry, alongside Sun Sports Cycle & Watercraft, Inc. in Ft. Myers, Florida, recently teamed up to provide UTVs to the Lee County Sheriff’s Department (LCSD) for use in emergency response efforts.

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Segway Powersports Welcomes Gabriel Cruz as Marketing Director

McKinney, TX – September 20, 2022 – Segway Powersports Inc., a growing manufacturer in the Powersports Industry, welcomes Gabriel Cruz as Marketing Director.

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