“There’s an app for that.”

You’ve probably heard this phrase before, because it’s true. Consumers are always looking for a way to make their lives easier and will recommend their favorite apps to their friends to address certain life problems. No matter what industry you’re in, there’s always a problem to be solved, and usually an app to fix it.

Take the powersports industry, for instance. You may have found yourself thinking, “I wish there was an easier way to plan a route than on Google Maps,” or “I wish I didn’t have to walk all the way back to my vehicle to check how much gas/charge is left,” or even, “Help! I’ve rolled over, and I can’t get up!”

It was only a matter of time before the powersports industry listened and got on board the app train. For years now, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) have been developing brand-specific apps to enhance the powersports riding experience. These apps contain a bevy of information, from vehicle statistics and service reminders to maps, ride logs and more.